Massage and Classes


Pregnancy Massage

Free initial consultation

£25 for 30 minutes 

£45 for 60 minutes


Pregnancy is a special time for a woman and a massage during pregnancy can be a beneficial experience for the mother and the unborn baby.  With the baby’s growth and development come many changes to the mother’s body. There is ample evidence that pregnancy massage can have benefits like better sleep and lower blood pressure. A relaxing massage can also help reduce aches and pains and release ‘feel good’ endorphins which are passed onto the baby. We will discuss your specific needs as part of the initial consultation.   


Baby Massage

£45 for a 5 week course

5 x 60 minutes


Baby Massage is a centuries old tradition which can help give a child the best possible start in life – health, happiness, security and a feeling of being loved. The benefits of baby massage for mother and baby are recognised by medical practitioners around the world. Baby massage involves the parent or carer learning a series of massage strokes. This conscious contact with the baby will promote the physiological and psychological development and deepen the parent-infant bond. Baby Massage can also help parents to learn about their child’s communication through body language. The classes are run on a friendly and informal basis, with an emphasis on socialising at the end.


Baby Yoga

£9 per session

60 minutes


Baby Yoga is an interactive routine performed by a baby and a parent or carer. Movements have been carefully chosen for the baby’s tender body. They include gentle stretching of limbs and deep breathing by encouraging babies to copy the adult’s breathing pattern. Music and singing will be used during the sessions to relax and entertain the baby during the exercises. Baby Yoga promotes bonding with the parent or carer and improves the baby’s flexibility, balance and body awareness. The classes are run on a friendly and informal basis, with an emphasis on socialising at the end.


Story Massage combines positive, respectful touch with engaging and creative storytelling. It is enjoyed by all ages and abilities. Ten simple massage strokes form the basis of the Story Massage programme. It is fully inclusive, no clothing is removed, no oils used. It is ideal for everyone with an interest in sharing positive touch activities with children and adults.

Story Massage

Prices and length of sessions vary.

Please refer to upcoming classes section.


Adult Full Body Swedish Massage & Light massage with essential oils (Aromatherapy) & Deep Tissue Massage

These treatments are available by referral.

Please contact me to book a treatment or join a class.  And check the section prices and gift vouchers for OFFERS!